Online conference for English Teachers

Language Link ELT Conference

25.04 - 26.04.2020

Conference from DELTA, CELTA,
CELT-P/S tutors

This lockdown is beginning to turn our lives into a groundhog day: same routines every day, same view out of the window. We need some fresh air.

Let’s turn this period into a perfect time to learn! If this is something you want to do, it’s better to be done with a professional team of trainers.

Language Link Rostov — is one of the best teacher training centres in Europe. People from all over the world come to our school to do CELTA, Delta, CELT-P/S courses.

On 25-26 April our highly-qualified teacher trainers are going to share their expertise in ELT. Join our conference to learn about the best practices in teaching.

Day 1 will be about the most popular methods in ELT. You will also learn how not to limit yourself to one approach and go beyond any method, as the era when we are teaching is called Post-method era. You will get not only theory, but also lots of practical tips.

Day 2 is about specific areas of teaching.
You will get some classroom tested ideas that you can use both in online and offline lessons.

All the participants will receive a certificate.

This conference is more than just webinars, it is a mini teacher training course.

Follow the link. Join Language Link.

Agenda online conference:

Day 1

25.04. Methods and beyond

11.00 – 11.10 Welcome words. 
11.10 – 12.00 Collaborative Learning: practical ideas and activities  (Antonina Semenova)
12.00 – 13.00The Mystery of TBL. TBL Activities. (Viktoria Taranova) 
13.00 – 13:20 Lunch break 
13.20 – 14.20 Lexis or Grammar? Or Lexical Grammar? (Elvira Salkinova)
14.20–15:20 Translation and Own Language Activities (Antonina Semenova) 
15.2016.20 Beyond methods era (Yuliana Chernikova)
16:20 – 16:40 Q&A. Day 1 wrap up

Day 2

26.04. Practical implications

11.00 – 11.10 Welcome words. 
11.10 12.00 How to Energize your Class? (Alexandra Fedak)
12.00 – 12.30 Classroom Management for YLs (online and offline hacks) (Yulia Abakumova)
12.30 – 12:50 Lunch break
12.50 – 13:50 Storytelling ideas (Yuliana Chernikova)
13.50 – 14:50 How to get Teens motivated? (Tatiana Odintsova) 
14.50 – 15.50 Creativity and Innovations in ELT Materials Development (Yuliana Chernikova)
15:50 – 16:40 Teaching exam classes (focus on writing) (Tatiana Odintsova)
16:40 – 17:00 Q&A. Confernece wrap up


Yuliana Chernikova

DOS Language Link South. 

Scientific degree in English Philology, Teacher of English since 1990, Teacher trainer and Director of Studies (EF English First, Language Link) since 2003, CELTA tutor since 2011 and Delta tutor since 2012. Young Learners Tutor (CELTA YL Extension, CELT-P, CELT-S).

International experience in running Cellta Vietnam, China, Thailand, Bangladesh (British Council), Bahrain, India, Moscow. 

Webinar description:

Beyond methods

Post Method Era ((B. Kumaravadevelu, 1994) – a result of “the widespread dissatisfaction  with the conventional concept of method”.  Are there methods and approaches  or we are really in the post-method era? Intrigued? Join the session and find out!

Creative classroom. Spice up your lessons!
Whether you teach in a virtual environment or real one, try to make the most of the coursebook. Think outside the box, go wild, add some spice to your lessons!

Is it only for kids? I am not sure. Every person is still a child deep inside. Why not try and do storytelling with adults? Everybody wants to have some fun!

Tatiana Odintsova

ADoS at Language Link South,
Cambrdige CELT-S tutor, and a member
of EGE examiners’ board (EGE expert).

Webinar description:
How to motivate teenagers?

Teenagers are probably the most misunderstood group of learners. That is why they can be so challenging to teach. Where to find a key to their motivation? How to explain their behaviour and attitude to studying? What activities can be really encouraging for them? These are the questions we’re going to discuss during this presentation.

How to teach writing (focus on exams)
This workshop provides practical, classroom-tested strategies for effective and engaging exam writing lessons. The participants will learn how to prepare teenagers to write exam tasks at various exams (Russian State exams and Cambridge main suite).

Viсtoria Taranova

CAE, CELTA, CELTA YL, Delta — 1,2,3, TKT -1,2,3
ADoS at Language Link South,
Cambrdige CELTA tutor, CELT-P/S tutor.

EFL teacher with more than 15 years of experience, CELTA/CELT-P/S Tutor and Teacher Trainer.

A linguist and translator by education, Victoria decided to dedicate her professional life to teaching English as a foreign language. She has worked in a variety of teaching contexts constantly updating her teaching skills. Since 2012 Victoria has worked for Language Link acting as an Assistant Director of Studies, Cambridge Centre Exams Manager, CELTA/CELT-P/S Tutor and Teacher Trainer.

Webinar description:

The Mystery of TBL. TBL Activities

To task or not to task? That is the question.

What is a task? What types of tasks can we use? What can we teach using tasks? What are the main principles of TBL lesson planning? Can we use TBL with YL? These question will be answered during the webinar on 25.04.20.

Antonina Semenova

ADoS at Language Link South,
Cambridge CELT P/S tutor.

Webinar description:
Collaborative learning 
«Does it really make sense to learn from my mates? Can a person of the same level as me be of any help?» are just some of the questions that our students tend to ask as we offer them some pairwork. In this webinar we’ll speculate on how to marry the latest tendencies in ELT and students’ beliefs about what is «right».

Translation and own language:
Some teachers can’t even think of saying the T-word in their classroom. But is the devil as black as he is painted? Let’s sort it out together!


Elvira Salkinova

CAE, CELTA, CELTA YL, Delta m.2)
Senior teacher at Language Link Novocherkassk, Cambridge CELT-P trainer.

Webinar description:

Traditionally, language is seen as a dichotomy between vocabulary and grammar. But what if we focus on both? This section considers practical activities that integrate grammar and lexis in teaching.


Alexandra Fedak

Senior Teacher at Language Link Krasnodar 

Webinar description:
Tired of routine? Looking for new ways? Lack of energy? Well, I can help you ! You’ll get new ideas how to stimulate your students and break routine. Refreshing and simple activities are waiting for you. Just follow the Link.

Yulia Abakumova

A teacher at Language Link South with more than 10 years experience.

Webinar description:

The topic of classroom management has always been a key point in a primary classroom. Once you manage to establish and maintain discipline in your lessons, the whole learning process is bound to get on the right track. I’m going to share some practical tips on how to keep things under control and stay sane while teaching very young learners.

Сertificate of participation.

Duration — 36 academic hours

At the end of the conference, each participant receives an
electronic certificate from the International Language Center Language Link
on advanced training.


The cost of participation includes a record of webinars and a certificate of participation.

One day of participation
in the conference to choose from

1 500 ₽
2 000 ₽


2 500 ₽
4 000 ₽